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Surveys say 75% of the couples that didn't book video for their wedding, have regrets Reflecting on your wedding day, there is a single regret that continues to linger in couple's mind: not hiring a videographer to capture the event. In the whirlwind of planning and excitement, some couples chose to forgo this option, assuming photographs would suffice in preserving the memories. However, as time has passed, they have  come to realize the irreplaceable value a wedding video would have held. Photos, while beautiful and cherished, capture moments in still frames. They give us a glimpse into the emotions and aesthetics of the day, but they cannot convey the full essence of the experience. A videographer would have recorded the laughter, the vows, the music, and the speeches—sounds and movements that are impossible to fully capture in a photograph. There’s something magical about seeing and hearing loved ones express their joy and love, something that photos simply cannot replicate

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